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5 February 2024

Save the date!

Dear members
Dear guests

Save the date!
General Assembly of SAMA 2024 - Altenrhein Airport - Friday, 14 June 2024

After geographically diverse and very exciting locations over the last 3 years - from Payerne to Emmen and Basel - we are delighted to be able to hold this year's General Assembly in the beautiful region of Lake Constance at Altenrhein Airport.
Together with our member companies AAL Altenrhein Aviation & AeroVisto Interior Services, we are planning the ordinary annual meeting at the premises of FFA (Flugzeug und Fahrzeug Museum Altenrhein).

The official invitations will be sent electronically and by post to our member contacts in time.

We are already looking forward to welcoming many of you and to valuable and fruitful discussions.

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