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15 May 2022

WBT provider evaluation – decision making

More than a year ago, the Board of Directors started the project "WBT Provider Evaluation" under the direction of Isabelle Bruchlen and a small working group, with the aim of developing a new and modern WBT product for our B1/B2 courses by evaluating a new EASA Part-147 provider.

For this purpose, more than 20 potential providers worldwide were assessed and evaluated. With three of all providers, an entire module course could be carried out in 2021/2022 with the respective product and thus also tested directly by the customer.
As an outcome, a management report of more than 40 pages was created, considering of:
- Financial investment and association situation
- Amortisation and re-investment
- Scenarios on feasible course series and expected numbers of participants
- Company assessment, market assessment and differentiation
- Customer feedbacks from course participants
This formed the basis for a decision-making process by the Board of Directors, which decided on the future WBT provider by end of March 2022.

We are very pleased to inform you at this point that the product of SR Technics Switzerland AG has won this competition.

We would like to congratulate the entire SR Technics Training Center team and thank them for the professional cooperation up to this stage of the project.

In addition to the B1/B2 courses which SAMA can continue to offer as WBT, we will develop new license independent WBT courses together with our partner, which are intended for non-aircraft technicians in order to make it easier for these persons to start their career in a aircraft manufacturing or maintenance company.

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